Virtual Environments

Synoptek DraaS Software for Virtual Machine and Virtual Server Backup and Disaster Recovery leverages VMware ESX, ESXi, Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer to provide the best data protection for all your physical and virtualized machines, services and desktops. With continuous VM data protection and push-button failover to a virtual machine, Synoptek DraaS gives you the absolute best RTO and RPO available today at a price that fits any IT budget. Our solution includes; VMware backup, ESX backup, ESXi backup, Hyper-V backup, Windows Server backup, Exchange backup, and Citrix XenServer backup.

Synoptek DraaS's next generation VM backup includes fast block-based snapshots, deduplication and replication all in one. With host-based pricing, it’s no wonder that Synoptek DraaS is the fastest growing backup and disaster recovery software on the planet.

Physical and Virtual Machine Backup and Disaster Recovery

Unlike other backup and recovery solutions, only Synoptek DraaS protects applications on physical and virtual servers and desktops, and lets you recover back to physical or virtual machines – both locally and in the cloud – for total backup and recovery protection from any failure, for your entire enterprise.

World's Fastest Virtual Machine Backup and Disaster Recovery

In just minutes, Synoptek DraaS lets you restore an entire physical or virtual machine (VM), a virtual disk, a single application or even an individual e-mail or file. To protect your virtual environments even further, replicate your block based backups every few minutes to a remote site. With Synoptek DraaS , you can even restore your backups to physical environments on dissimilar hardware for added flexibility and protection when moving application in and out of virtual environments.

Significant Cost Savings

An exceptional value, Synoptek DraaS is licensed per host and includes fast backups, compression & deduplication, application validation, replication, live restores and the creation of virtual standby environments, all from a centralized console. On virtual machines, there is no additional costs per-agent, per-VM, per Gb or per-application. One price per host – unlimited guests, storage, applications.

Synoptek DraaS offers low TCO (total cost of ownership): it's easy to use and deploys quickly with minimal training and implementation. A centralized console enables you to protect and centrally manage all of your major applications including VMware ESX, ESXi, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, workstations and domain controllers across all Windows operating systems – all from a single pane of glass.

Recover your Virtual Machines & Virtual Servers with 100% Reliability

A server backup is worthless if you cannot recover from it. Synoptek DraaS automatically validates the application to guarantee successful application recoverability, every time. You no longer have to settle for restores that "might work" or "should work", you can rest easy knowing that your application restore will actually work. Virtual Recovery Guaranteed.

Fast 8 GB/min backups
Eliminate backup windows and reduce the load on virtual hosts. Synoptek DraaS offloads all backup processing from hosts, thus allowing each host to run more VMs. So you can maximize consolidation ratios and the savings that go along with server consolidation.
5x storage ROI with deduplication
Reduce backup storage costs by 5x with compression and deduplication of the snapshots.
Single solution that protects virtual & physical servers
Synoptek DraaS protects physical and virtual workloads alike and delivers P2V, V2P, P2P and V2V recoveries even to dissimilar hardware.
Best application integration on the market
Delivers fast granular recoveries of e-mails, SharePoint documents and items and files.
Push button failover to standby virtual machines
Deliver application failover virtual machines on local and remote sites for high availability and disaster recovery.
Automated application recovery testing
Validates the backups for application corruption eliminating failed recoveries.